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Craft Smart Glass Coat Liquid Gloss Resin Accessories Kit

Craft Smart Glass Coat Liquid Gloss Resin Accessories Kit

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Ultra high gloss coating that creates a perfect clear glass like finish equal to 50 coats of varnish. Easy to use with simple, clear instructions. Just mix, pour or brush onto the surface. Can also be used as a varnish and may be applied to wood, glass, terracotta, paper mache, tin, ceramic tiles, plastic moulds and almost all non-porous surfaces. Approx coverage is 100ml per 30 x 30cm which equates approx to 1.1 to 1.2L per square metre.

  • 50/50 mixing ratio
  • Ideal for resin art with artist dry pigments on wooden panels and boards.
  • Extremely tough heat & scratch resistant surface
  • Washable & hard wearing
  • Reduced yellowing with added UV stabilizers

 Liquid Gloss Accessories Kit - All needed accessories in one pack. Kit contains:

  • 500ml mixing cup
  • 4 x 60ml measuring cups
  • 4 x plastic mixing sticks
  • 4 x disposable glove sets
  • 4 x protective mats (1m x 1m)

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