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Personalised Family Tree

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Get Mum this beautiful custom made Family Tree gift she will cherish for years to come!

Tree is printed on Black paper.


  • $25 per frame and tree
  • $1 extra per customised name bird - 4 Generations maximum shown. Each generation is presented in a different colour

Presented in an A4 black picture frame.

Important - how to order - PLEASE COMPLETE ALL REQUIRED FIELDS (Marked with a *)

  • Select background colour
  • Refine options in background colour more options
  • Select number of generations to be placed on the tree
  • Select number of birds (total number of family members to be shown on the tree) 
  • Type names for generation 1. These are the names you wish to place on the trunk of the tree.
  • Names for branches -input the names of the family to be shown on the branch. Separate each member with a # or on a new line. To name it as simple as possible, please label the people on each branch (ie mother Jane # father John # children Julie # Janine # Jeremy #)
  • Insert names for each family on a different branch.

if you need more branches or more options than are provided, please contact us on