Business Update - The future

It is with great sadness that after alot of soul searching, we are announcing the following for the future.

We are further scaling down the business, and will begin to clear out stock of more lines until they are sold out, and they will not be stocked again, with the view to close down the business once most of the stock is sold. 

Unfortunately, there are several factors at play in our decision.

  • I have more upcoming spinal surgeries. I am also requiring rehab and 100% rest after the surgery. I also need to strengthen my body after the surgery.
  • The cost of living has affected us as well as it has affected you all. Our sales have dropped significantly, and we can't afford to have our usual large stock holdings sitting here gathering dust. 
  • The increases in costs, and increase in the cost of doing business with our suppliers has grown exponentially. The cost and timeline for shipping has also escalated to the point where it is not cost effective to purchase stock from overseas suppliers anymore, as well as shipping times ballooning.
  • We cannot continue to compete with big box stores, selling similar looking and inferior stock at cheaper prices. Over Christmas the stock available at big box stores was significant, and is continuing to increase. 

All current orders and backorders won't be affected by this decision. We are ordering stock and waiting for stock to arrive, as soon as its here, it will be sent out to you.

Our inventory will shrink, and our stock on hand will also continue to decrease. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to achieve all the extraordinary things I have. 

Always, always, support small and local. They are only around as long as they have your support. 

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