Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

When will you send my order? 

Typically all orders are packed and sent within 48 hours, REGARDLESS of if you have selected Express Shipping or standard Shipping. Please email us after 48 hours if you have not heard from us. 


What are preorder fabrics?

Every 4 to 6 weeks we will release a limited preorder round of fabrics. Once the round closes, the order totals are sent off to our printer to print your amazing design choice. This process with the printer can take up to 4 weeks, due to international constraints (shipping delays, customs clearance delays, factory holidays, local public holidays etc). We will keep you informed of the progress via email and our facebook page.

Given we have order amounts we need to fulfil, we tend to order the amount needed plus the remaining roll (ie each roll tends to be about 60m, if 100m is ordered, we will order 2 rolls (120m). Any surplus will be offered as retail in our online store. BUT, please be aware, if there is under 5m left after orders are fulfilled, it will not be offered as retail, so you could miss out completely.

Make sure you preorder!


Some websites offer 50% deposit. Why don't you do the same?

We have made the decision that how some other websites manage their deposits and payments are cumbersome and involve alot more paperwork and follow up, meaning that the fabric prices would increase. We have decided after much deliberation to pass those savings onto you. 

We have started this business to make beautiful fabric designs as affordable as possible. Keeping our prices as low as possible is incredibly important to us. 

We do offer as an alternative Layby, which you can select at the checkout. See below for details on how this payment method works.

We also offer Afterpay.


I am a seamstress, and I would like to either order some of your materials in bulk (over 25m) or have a design of mine printed. Can you help me?

Of course we can. Pop us an email at and we can have a discussion about how You've Got Me In Stitches can help your business grow.


Can I get free material from you?

Believe it or not, the answer is yes! 

Each preorder release we will be looking for home sewists and seamstresses to test out preorder before it is delivered. 

We will require of you

  • To pay for the postage of the fabric to you
  • ensure the fabric is collected and in your possession within 1 day of it attempting to be delivered if you are not home.
  • sew up your favourite pattern using the fabric (size and style doesn't matter) within 7 days.
  • Send through clear, detailed and far away images of your creations.
  • If you are a store based business, you are welcome to place your stores watermark on the bottom corner (not too big or too little)
  • Promote your creation on your social media channels (facebook pattern groups, sewing groups, friends and family, business pages etc) ensuring we are tagged in the image.

We will send up to 2 metres of two of the preorder designs for you to play with.

As a thank you, you will receive 15% off the preorder round you are promoting for.

We will also promote your designs on our website and social media channels. It is a great way to get your business in the spotlight for the duration of the preorder!


Do you do Wholesale orders?

Absolutely! We have strived to keep our pricing as low as possible, however, if you are after larger quantities of a particular product (typically over 25) contact us at

Depending on the product, and the cost, we can discuss bulk orders either for you to sell in your own business, or for your business use.

We have created amazing relationships with our suppliers, and they are willing to help us with lower prices every day. We could think of nothing more satisfying than to share the love and the savings with our customers, be they big or small!


Custom Orders - Why do I need to pay for my order in full up front?

Given your order is specifically created for you, if you change your mind half way through the creation process, we are left with an order that we cannot use. Not only that, there is a significant amount of time and effort that goes in to making each original and custom product.

Unfortunately, there are alot of creator groups who share horror stories of not being paid, or have the order cancel last minute. My time is extremely precious to me, and my family.

I will send images and proofs along the way while I am creating, and I endeavour to have the descriptions and products be as specific as possible. It may be time consuming for you to order, BUT it ensures we both have clear expectations of what the finished product will look like.

Custom Orders - I spelt something wrong. How do I fix this?

If you let us know within the first 6 hours after ordering, there is no charge for fixing spelling errors or other errors. 

If we have completed the order, and you have approved the spelling (This is determined to be done at the time of "adding to the cart") Then unfortunately, we cannot fix this. We are not held responsible for spelling mistakes made at the time of ordering.

If the mistake is an error of ours and you have approved the proof, then we are also not held responsible. Make sure you check the proofs carefully.

If the mistake is ours completely or the design varies from the proof, we will replace the item (if the error is significant).

Custom Orders - I've changed my mind, I don't want it anymore.

We do not refund for change of mind purchases. Depending on how much work has been done at the time you let us know, we will only refund a portion. This will be decided once time, materials (and being able to salvage or reuse the materials at a later date), and how much of the custom work was completed at the time of the cancellation.


We do not refund for any change of mind purchases. We will replace or refund at our discretion for faulty goods.

We do not refund Postage Charges. Our postage services are not guaranteed timeframes as we cannot control delivery providers. We wish we could though!