About Us

A couple of years ago, I suffered from a significant injury. Before, during and while on the mend, I furiously taught myself how to Knit and Crochet to pass the time.

Unfortunately, my injury is nerve related, and has now spread to my hands. Perfect huh?

As a result, knitting and crocheting were out, I couldn’t even hold a needle without significant pain.

So my next step was to take up sewing.

I journeyed down to my local big name fabric store, and after I picked up my chin off the ground ($25 a metre? Is it made of gold?) I hunted through the clearance table, vowing never to pay full retail or any material over $20 a metre.

So I then turned to Facebook. There were a few fabric places online that I found, and fell in love with their custom designs.

I did not fall in love with the price once currency conversion and shipping ($70 to $100 to get a package to Australia?!) were factored in. Material was costing upwards of $40 a metre AUD.

So I researched. And I pestered. And I researched some more. And I decided there had to be a better way. My way.

So here we are today! My aim is to design and provide high quality material at a much more reasonable price. To provide designs your family, friends and clients will love.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we are only happy to help!