About Us

A few years ago, I suffered the loss of my beloved Grandmother. She came to Australia with a suitcase in the 1950s, and purchased herself a sewing machine soon after her arrival into Australia. I watched her sew as a child, and took up sewing after she passed away as a way of staying connected to her and her passions.

I journeyed down to my local big name fabric and craft store, and after I picked up my chin off the ground ($25 a metre? Is it made of gold?) I hunted through the clearance table, vowing never to pay full retail or any material over $20 a metre.

So I then turned to Facebook. There were a few fabric places online that I found, and fell in love with their custom designs.

I did not fall in love with the price once currency conversion and shipping ($70 to $100 to get a package to Australia?!) were factored in. Material was costing upwards of $40 a metre AUD.

While wondering around my big box bricks and mortar store, I saw the Cricut section. After standing there trying to work out what it did and why it would be so expensive, a customer walked up, became delighted that they had a blade she needed. I said to this lady, “If you don’t mind me asking, what in the heck is this thing?” She replied “OMG, it’s like the best thing ever! It does everything!” 

So $1300 later on a machine and the materials, I set off for home.

Once home, I realised how little materials I had gotten for a bucket load of money.

So I researched. And I pestered. And I researched some more. And I decided there had to be a better way. My way.

So here we are today! My aim is to design and provide high quality material and craft supplies at a much more reasonable price. To provide designs your family, friends and clients will love. To make crafting accessible for all segments of the population, not just the portion that can afford an expensive hobby.

We have major expansion plans on the horizon, and are hoping to launch our own bricks and mortar store in the future. Thankyou for supporting us, by supporting small and supporting local.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we are only happy to help!