COVID - Victorian Government Mask Recommendations

The Victorian Government announcement yesterday of mandatory mask wearing in the Melbourne Metro area caused scenes of chaos yesterday with everyone trying to get their hands on masks. 

The images we saw of people lining up were incredibly distressing to us here.

We have our hand made masks available. They are made to order. They are available in 4 sizes (Small youth, youth, small/medium adult, large adult), ensuring a snug fit, and available in plain colours and a variety of designs.

The recommendation is for 2 layer or 3 layer masks. These will provide sufficient protection, while still enabling you to breathe comfortably.

We recommend 4 masks per person as a minimum. That allows for one in the car, one on your face, one in the wash, one drying.

And remember, treat your mask like you would your undergarments....

  • If it is damp, change it.
  • Dont play with it while you are wearing it (LOL)
  • ensure that it is covering your nose and your mouth.
  • If its dirty, change it.

We are working hard to get them all out to you as quickly as we can. We have enabled local area pickup at checkout. We are also looking at local area delivery, depending on how quickly we can clear these orders out.

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