Hours beginning monday 8th Jan until Friday 12th Jan

Hi all

We have returned to work a little earlier than planned due to the workload we need to catch up on.

Today and tomorrow will be spent replying to messages left on the website and the facebook page. Please be patient, there are in excess of 70 messages we need to attend and respond to.

Once those have been caught up on we will begin shipping out orders.

Apologies for any delays over the next week or two. I am a one person micro business, I do everything. Ordering, picking, packing and shipping, new items onto website, admin, social media, everything. 

The quickest way for me to get orders out is to ignore your messages and focus on shipping, however, that makes some customers incredibly angry, which then leads to abuse, and i end up with panic attacks and no work being done.  

I also need to go through each order, as there have been a couple of chargebacks lodged over the christmas period, which is fine and a normal part of business. This takes up even more time, especially when the orders and items have been recieved. 

Our suppliers are vlosed until next week, so no new stock will be arriving for at least a week or two. Ill pop up another post later detailing some of the supplier delays.

Just a reminder to be kind. I am only one person, doing the workload of 10. 

Have an amazing week.

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