Htvront Auto Heat press delivery update 27.02.23

Hi all, 

Just got word from the freight company that a shipment of 15 machines will land in Sydney this morning. 

After this, the ship needs to be offloaded, customs cleared, and containers unpacked prior to being sent to us here. 

Thankyou all for your patience. I absolutely understand how frustrating this has been. Unfortunately it is out of our control, and we are just as frustrated as you are. 

We have placed another order for more of the Auto Heat press, as well as the mini and the Easy presses. They are expected to arrive at Sydney in 6 weeks.

I will continue to update you all ON HERE ONLY once I hear any news as emails are problematic at the moment. We are having server issues, and I am working on changing our server and email partner as a result. 

As always, use the Chat now button on the bottom right hand corner of the website to chat with us directly

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