HTVront Shipment Update - 30.01.2023

Hi all, 

The shipment has landed and is awaiting customs clearance. Once I hear this has been completed, we would expect them to arrive with us a few days later.

As stated in the previous update, I do not know what exactly is in this first pallet, and won't know until it arrives here. 

Once here, it will be allocated tracking information and sent to you within 24 hours of arriving in store. 

Have a great week!

For those messaging us asking about refunds and our refund policy:
Please see our refund policy here: for the policy that has been in place since the commencement of the business, and was in place at the time you placed your order.

Once you have read this and use the chat with us button (use the chat with us button on the bottom right hand side of the website, as it comes through the fastest) and wish to proceed with a refund, we will process this for you, less the transaction fees and charges. 

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