HTVront update 22.03.2023

Hi everyone, just a quick update. 

Apologies if I haven't responded to your message yet, I asked the freight forwarder for an update on Friday afternoon and was waiting for a reply.

I have been told it has cleared customs, so now the containers will be split and sorted.

I've asked for an approx date, and haven't heard back yet. 

This shipment is for 12 machines, so I will be going through the list (I'll have to do it over the weekend so I can sit and focus on it) and will be in touch with the next 12 on the list. I believe the next shipment after this one is a few weeks behind. (It's still very difficult over there at the moment) but it seems to be speeding up a little which is good!

I'll hopefully have an update again by Monday, and will be in contact over the next few days for those next on the preorder list!

We are getting through it, please keep being patient. Almost there!


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