Shipment Update - HTVront

To those of you who have taken advantage of our preorder products and have got their press reserved from this first shipment, I thank you so very much!

To cut a very long story short, China is currently like Australia was during the height of our lockdowns. 

These lockdowns, then the dumping of the 0 COVID strategy which have had a horrible outcome currently for those people there. (Our thoughts and love are always with you all)

Our Shipment has been split in 2 at the ports, The first shioment is ESTIMATED to arrive in Australia around the 25th January. Then it will have to clear customs. I do not have a date for the second pallet yet.

We do not know what is in the first pallet. 

I do apologise for the delays in these machines, it has been a situation none of us anticipated when first putting up the preorder products. 

Once they arrive here, they will be labelled and packaged up and with a courier to you within 24 hours

I do appreciate that you have been waiting a long time for your orders, and understand the frustration the delays are causing (I also have one coming for my niece for a Christmas pressie). We will do everything we can once they are physically here to get them to you quickly. 

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