*Sigh* Update - Another Family Emergency

Hey everyone, been called away to *another* family emergency. I think it's safe to say that 2022 is turning into a dumpster fire for me!
My Pa (My last Grandparent) isn't well after a fall, and has been moved to Palliative care. I am spending this afternoon and tonight with him, and whatever chance I get until his body shuts down.
Heather will be helping out again to help fill in where I can't be there from Wednesday 06/07/2022 onwards to get your orders out to you as quickly as possible. I'll also leave the phone in the office so if it is off, then we aren't there in the office at that time to take the call.
There has been an Oracal delivery today, and a Diamond Dotz delivery, so any new orders or back orders with those items I'll get out first thing tomorrow morning.
Please send us a message if you're not sure on where your order is at, we have everything under control and will be waiting on more stock to arrive.
Chances are if it's an Oracal product we have been waiting on this delivery or the one due in the next day or two, Siser will arrive hopefully in the next day or two glitter htv is the same.
We ran out of some products due to the sale, but we are doing what we can to get it in as quickly as we can.
If you are affected by the flooding and would like us to hold your order, please let us know via message. Hopefully there will be a message us button on this post (if I can work it out), otherwise there is a Chat button in the bottom right hand corner of the Home page.
Stay safe everyone, and look after those around you.
Squeeze your loved ones tight. If you have been as lucky as I have been over the years to still have your Grandparents in your life until your mid to late 30's, or if they are still around, please, give them an extra kiss and a cuddle from me.
YGMIS Team xx
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