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100% Rayon Fabric - Floral Print

100% Rayon Fabric - Floral Print

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This floral abstract printed Rayon fabric is available in Fuchsia and will be quickly snapped up and is perfect for clothing and dresses that require a breathable and lightweight material

143cm wide

Rayon fabric is manufactured from naturally occurring polymers. Although it is man-made, it is not a synthetic fibre, which means that it has properties that are similar to other naturally occurring fibres such as cotton or silk. Rayon fabrics are generally soft and drape well, and the high absorbency means that it takes dye well, which means the fabric can be dyed in many fabulous colours. The same absorbency also means that it is a popular fabric for summer clothing. 

  • Rayon is comfortable to wear and has a soft, almost slippery feel when touched, similar to silk or satin.
  • Rayon fibres allow air to pass between them, so it makes the fabric breathable.
  • Rayon absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton, which allows sweat to be absorbed and evaporated quickly on hot days.
  • Rayon is produced from renewable plants such as beech trees, pine trees, and bamboo which means it can be considered eco-friendly.
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