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Diamond Dotz

Diamond Dotz - Freestyle Designer Gift Box Set

Diamond Dotz - Freestyle Designer Gift Box Set

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Diamond painting freestyle set with the high-quality materials of the original Diamond Dotz. This complete set includes everything you need for your own sparkling designs on different surfaces

Create exclusive decorations on textiles, glass, ceramic and wood or dotten personal works on the different fabrics. An LED light pad is included for better visibility

With the variety of different diamond stones in 22 colours, ergonomic pens, wax and the additional protective film, all the materials you need for your artworks are available

In addition, the craft set includes six freestyle bracelets and decorative pads. Start creating your own glittering world of Diamond Dotz according to your ideas

This set would cost over $550 if you purchased each item individually. Buy the bundle and save.


  • DIAMOND DOTZ® Printed Chroma Card x 1
  • DOTZ® Sampler Pack – PRIMARY shades 8001, 8002, 8020, 8126, 8249 x 12g (0.42oz) each
  • DOTZ® Sampler Pack – PASTEL shades 8054, 8125, 8103, 8236, 8321 x 12g (0.42oz) each
  • DOTZ® Sampler Pack – NEON shades 3001, 3002, 3003, 3004, 4001 x 12g (0.42oz) each
  • DOTZ® Sampler Pack – AB shades 5001, 5003, 5005, 5006, 5008 x 12g (0.42oz) each
  • DOTZ® Metallic Diamonds shades 7007 and 7005 x 12g (0.42oz) each
  • DOTZ® Wax Pots x 4 pcs
  • DOTZ® White Styluses x 8 pcs
  • DOTZ® Dotting Trays with pouring lip x 8 pcs
  • Freestyle Bracelets x 6 pcs
  • Freestyle Decorations x 6 pcs
  • Twin Pack DOTZ® DELUX  STYLUSES x 1 pack (2 Styluses)
  • DOTZ®LITE – PEPITO x 1 pc
  • DOTZ® DELUX BRUSH PACK x 1 pack (3 Brushes)
  • DOTZ® FABRIC ROLL - GRID WITH ADHESIVE 30 x 48cm (12” x 19”) x 1 pc
  • DOTZ® FABRIC ROLL - PLAIN WITHOUT ADHESIVE 30 x 48cm (12” x 19”) x 2 pcs
  • DOTZ® PROTECTIVE FILM ROLL 30 x 48cm (12” x 19”) x 1 pc
  • DOTZ® SANDWICH ADHESIVE ROLL 30 x 91cm (12” x 36”) x 1 pc
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