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ORACAL 551 High Performance Vinyl - 30cm x 1m

ORACAL 551 High Performance Vinyl - 30cm x 1m

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  • High Performance PVC film (70 micron)
  • 98 high gloss colours
  • Excellent stability
  • Long-term outdoor durability
    • 8 years (black/white)
    • 7 years (transparent/coloured)
    • 4 years (metallic)
    • 3 years (brilliant blue)
  • Best choice for high quality vehicle and transport advertising.

ORACAL 551 Vinyl is the perfect long term choice for all your vinyl needs. As it has been traditionally used in car and transport applications, you can guarantee the staying power of any of your vinyl products and creations. It is stronger than 651. Just think, if it has been used on cars and buses, it has been tested in the elements, sun, hail, rain and wind. 

It also has a larger range of colours than 651, with over 90 colours compared to over 60 with 651, so the extra colour availability will ensure you have the right colour every time.

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