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ORACAL 638 - Wall Art Removable Vinyl - 30cm x 1 Metre

ORACAL 638 - Wall Art Removable Vinyl - 30cm x 1 Metre

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This is the perfect solution for decorations, markings and labels intended for short and medium-term indoor designs. The soft PVC film conforms well to the substrate, and it is available in 56 colours with a matt surface. The film is very well suited for use on cutting plotter systems. Use of application tape ORATAPE® MT72 is recommended.

  • Soft PVC Film (80 micron)
  • Conforms well with the substrate
  • Excellent processing on cutting plotters
  • 56 matt colours
  • For indoor applications such as markings, inscriptions and decorations applied to wall paper surfaces
  • We recommend application tape:
    • ORATAPE® MT72
  • Polyacrylate, easily removable
  • Service life: 2 years
  • European approval: DIN EN 13501-1 (flame resistant)
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