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The SnapSetter Size 14 tool for Rings and Caps

The SnapSetter Size 14 tool for Rings and Caps

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The SnapSetter® is the #1 secret to our snap attaching success. It's lightweight, high-impact, plastic design is engineered to withstand the blunt force of a hammer, yet protects the delicate Snap Top during attachment. Simply position the snap components and fabric in-between the layers of The SnapSetter® and hammer into place.

Suitable for use setting size 14 Ring snaps and Cap snaps.

It's the SnapSetter®!

Designed by Jeanine Twigg, a sewing educator and founder of The Snap Source®, the patented SnapSetter® Snap Attaching Tool offers an easy, affordable way to set snaps on projects.

The SnapSetter® has a sturdy, lightweight high-impact plastic design, which protects the Snap Top and "snaps" fasteners into place with the aid of a household hammer. Simple, step-by-step instructions are included with every purchase.

The SnapSetter® has three parts, the top (with label), the middle positioning bar and the main base. Three sizes are available; Size 14 (Color: Teal), Size 15 (Color: Magenta) and Size 16 (Color: Purple).


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